Sunday, 3 June 2012


It's been 10 days (at least) since my last blog, and therefore my last run.

I don't have any excuses. Except work (too much), weather (too warm), motivation (none) and of course, the real reason...too lazy!!!

Thanks to those of you who have asked - either 'How's the running going?' or 'What's happened to your blog?' (Bo, Nigel, Will, Tracey etc.)

Normal service has been resumed.

This morning I decided on a 30 mins run (note that says run, not jog) across the bridge. Well, I didn't decide to run rather than jog, that just kind of happened as I found my comfort zone. I felt like a had a free choice of what to do, as it's Sunday and my training schedule week starts on Mondays. I'll start week 2 over again tomorrow (for the third time lol) as I still haven't completed it yet!!

When I left the house, it was drizzling. Raincoat on, happy with that. By the way back across the bridge it was full-on pouring!!! I don't mind when I'm running though - going to the shop later with Harry was a lot worse!!!

Anyway, here's the important stuff:

Start time: 08:28
Route: Bridge
Training type: Run!!!
Weather: Wet and wild :-) 

Distance: 2.83 miles
Time: 32:01
Pace: 11'17" (seems slow but I walked back down the hill for the extra 2 mins but couldn't turn off because it was soooo wet!)
with: 'Now That's What I Call Running' (loving this - thanks Nicci!)

Felt: fab!

Best Bit(s): walking into the bathroom to find my bath already ready (thanks Ol!)

Worst bit: the overall pace reading (not a genuine reflection of how hard I worked)

Today's supporters: fellow runner

Catch you tomorrow - I promise!!!

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