Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Better, faster, stronger

Stats for today:

Start time: 18:10
Route: Prom and (round and round) town
Training type: Fartlek
Weather: Clear, calm and a lot cooler than Newtown was today (thank goodness)!!

Distance: 3.79 miles
Time: 40:17
Pace: 10'36" 
with: 'Now That's What I Call Running'

Felt: awkward to start, but once I got going it felt fab!!!

Best Bit(s): pushing it harder

Worst bit: being overtaken by the ice-cream van (soooo wanted to chase it!!!)

Today's supporters: Jenny and Megan, Julie, Gaz :-) 

Need a new plan for my 40 min fartlek - round and round is crazy!! It feels good because I know I'm running faster as I need to go further to run for long enough. Feeling another trip over the bridge is in order, and even the hills up the back are looking tempting. I might make the Dol 5 mile road race after all :-).

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