Sunday, 17 June 2012

Longest yet...

Well, today was my first run since Wednesday.

I did run on Wednesday, but I can't even remember now why I didn't get round to doing my blog log (!). Possibly something to do with making an excuse to go to the shops in our new car....

Anyway, here's Wednesday's story....

Start time: 19:29
Route: Prom
Training type: Interval
Weather: Fine (from what I can remember) - people were out and about in shorts

Distance: 2.89 miles
Time: 30:08
Pace: 10'24" 
with: 'Now That's What I Call Running' 

Felt: tough

Today's supporters:  Pete (and Ollie), Luke (twice), James and Dai

I didn't run on Thursday as I worked late and couldn't be arsed...

I didn't run on Friday because a) it was Friday, b) the sofa, Stella, kettle chips and the footy were more appealing and c) I couldn't be arsed!!!

I didn't run on Saturday as the rain was torrential - last time I ran in rain like that it took 3 days for my running shoes to dry and that smelled so bad when they did dry I had to wash them. I don't think they could handle the washing machine again (even on the special  'sports footwear' programme) and I can't afford another pair just yet!!

So, today is Father's Day, and since I'm fundraising for the Epilepsy Society in memory of my dad, it's pretty apt that today I pulled off my longest run yet. 

It also helps that it's a gorgeous evening, dinner was already prepared (with help from my 7 yr old sous-chef Jack) and I'd actually found the bottom of the ironing pile!

Here's how tonight went:

Start time: 18:28
Route: Bridge, down the trail to the rock on the corner past Arthog, and back
Training type: Jog/Run (still not sure what to call it, but definitely a run on the way back anyway)
Weather: Clear and bright

Distance: 5.49 miles
Time: 1:00:09
Pace: 10'56" 
with: 'Now That's What I Call Running' 

Felt: pretty good

Best Bit(s): a message from Paula Radcliffe, stating the blindingly obvious - 'Hi I'm Paula Radcliffe (yes, I know). You've just completed your longest run yet (yes, thank you, I'm well aware of that but so nice of you to say so...)

Worst bit: oncoming runner (middle-aged bloke in a rugby shirt) wearing cycling shorts. Not leaving a lot to the imagination - I will never ever complain about camel's toe again, nowhere near as unattractive as what I saw tonight!!

Running a bit too fast on the way back and realising that I may actually have to run up the steep bit back to the road before I'd done my 60 minutes - luckily, got to the end just before the path started to slope upwards!!

Today's supporters:  a few guys fishing on the bridge (although not sure they were too chuffed with me running noisily past), a cyclist, a couple of dog-walkers and of course, the cycling shorts guy (who I'm sure is lovely really).

This is the bridge across the beautiful Mawddach Estuary. Many of my runs are over this bridge and up the Mawddach Trail that runs along the south side of the estuary. During the day there is a toll to cross the bridge, and although I rarely run during toll times, I've been putting my toll money into a tin. This will go towards my fundraising totals - along with a couple of quid each time I run which I would probably be otherwise paying in gym fees.

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