Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Finally dried out!

I did run on Friday, but it was raining so hard I rushed to set my Nike + and didn't set it up properly - so no stats. Luckily I didn't realise until I'd finished, but I ran down the prom and back in the pouring rain. Soaked to the skin, especially as I had only grabbed a pair of cotton gym pants as the rest of my lycra/dri fit stuff was hanging up drying after a wash.  Those pants were pretty heavy when wet!

I need to remember to wear a cap when it's raining because the hood on my rain jacket just don't stay up (or falls over my eyes so I can only see my feet and not where I'm going!!!)
I also need an arm strap or something for my ipod, as it's getting annoying either holding it or putting it in my pocket.

Saturday was a rest day, and went out for the day anyway. 

I should have run on Sunday but my running shoes were still damp and smelly from the soaking they got on Friday, so they were treated to a wash, and I was treated to another rest day!!! I missed a shot with washing them - our latest washing machine (we go through them at an alarming rate in this house) has a 'sports footwear' programme, but I forgot and just stuck them on a normal wash with a load of towels. Shoes and machine all survived anyway...

As for Monday, simply too much to do - bought another car on the way home from work so spent a large chunk of the evening on the phone getting the insurance sorted!

Back on it today though - it's these rest days, I can't handle them!!!

Stats for today:

Start time: 17:39
Route: Bridge, over the stile, Mawddach Crescent, footpath to Arthog, back down the trail
Training type: Jog
Weather: Clear and bright

Distance: 4.25 miles
Time: 46:24
Pace: 10'55" 
with: 'Now That's What I Call Running' 

Felt: pretty good

Best Bit(s): the view!!!

Worst bit: very muddy bit in the middle (clean running shoes didn't last long)!!

Today's supporters:  very quiet and peaceful (much as I love beeps and waves, I also relish the runs where   I barely see another human being for almost the whole run)

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