Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Double post

I did run yesterday - I just never got around to updating my blog - so two runs to track today.

Stats for today:

Start time: 09:00
Route: Bridge (to first side path and back)
Training type: Fartlek
Weather: Cool with the odd spot of rain

Distance: 3.02 miles
Time: 33:00
Pace: 10'54" 
with: 'Now That's What I Call Running' 

Felt: good

Best Bit(s): passing 50 miles total, and running back to this...

Worst bit: Avicii playing during a 'slow' bit - turned into a fast run!!!

Today's supporters: the lovely old guy from down the lane (I'm not sure of his name but he always brings our bins in), two herons, sheep (of course) and a few geese (did I mention I love living here???) 

Yesterday's stats: 

Start time: 08:29
Route: Prom, steep hill, back down road into town
Training type: Jog
Weather: Clear, calm and cool

Distance: 3.51 miles
Time: 39:45
Pace: 11'18" 
with: 'Now That's What I Call Running' 

Felt: good

Best Bit(s): being out on such a lovely morning (don't think it's going to last), amazing views

Worst bit: N/A!!

Today's supporters: very few (one of the slight drawbacks of running at this time of day)

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