Monday, 18 June 2012

Another gorgeous evening

Really lovely out there tonight, if a little heavy going after yesterday's outing....

Start time: 18:46
Route: Prom
Training type: Jog
Weather: Gorgeous!!

Distance: 2.76 miles
Time: 30:20
Pace: 10'57" 
with: 'Now That's What I Call Running' 

Felt: tough but steady

Today's supporters:  Amanda (twice), the neighbours (out for a walk) 

Best bit: finishing halfway back the prom, so I could walk back through town after my 30 mins jog

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Longest yet...

Well, today was my first run since Wednesday.

I did run on Wednesday, but I can't even remember now why I didn't get round to doing my blog log (!). Possibly something to do with making an excuse to go to the shops in our new car....

Anyway, here's Wednesday's story....

Start time: 19:29
Route: Prom
Training type: Interval
Weather: Fine (from what I can remember) - people were out and about in shorts

Distance: 2.89 miles
Time: 30:08
Pace: 10'24" 
with: 'Now That's What I Call Running' 

Felt: tough

Today's supporters:  Pete (and Ollie), Luke (twice), James and Dai

I didn't run on Thursday as I worked late and couldn't be arsed...

I didn't run on Friday because a) it was Friday, b) the sofa, Stella, kettle chips and the footy were more appealing and c) I couldn't be arsed!!!

I didn't run on Saturday as the rain was torrential - last time I ran in rain like that it took 3 days for my running shoes to dry and that smelled so bad when they did dry I had to wash them. I don't think they could handle the washing machine again (even on the special  'sports footwear' programme) and I can't afford another pair just yet!!

So, today is Father's Day, and since I'm fundraising for the Epilepsy Society in memory of my dad, it's pretty apt that today I pulled off my longest run yet. 

It also helps that it's a gorgeous evening, dinner was already prepared (with help from my 7 yr old sous-chef Jack) and I'd actually found the bottom of the ironing pile!

Here's how tonight went:

Start time: 18:28
Route: Bridge, down the trail to the rock on the corner past Arthog, and back
Training type: Jog/Run (still not sure what to call it, but definitely a run on the way back anyway)
Weather: Clear and bright

Distance: 5.49 miles
Time: 1:00:09
Pace: 10'56" 
with: 'Now That's What I Call Running' 

Felt: pretty good

Best Bit(s): a message from Paula Radcliffe, stating the blindingly obvious - 'Hi I'm Paula Radcliffe (yes, I know). You've just completed your longest run yet (yes, thank you, I'm well aware of that but so nice of you to say so...)

Worst bit: oncoming runner (middle-aged bloke in a rugby shirt) wearing cycling shorts. Not leaving a lot to the imagination - I will never ever complain about camel's toe again, nowhere near as unattractive as what I saw tonight!!

Running a bit too fast on the way back and realising that I may actually have to run up the steep bit back to the road before I'd done my 60 minutes - luckily, got to the end just before the path started to slope upwards!!

Today's supporters:  a few guys fishing on the bridge (although not sure they were too chuffed with me running noisily past), a cyclist, a couple of dog-walkers and of course, the cycling shorts guy (who I'm sure is lovely really).

This is the bridge across the beautiful Mawddach Estuary. Many of my runs are over this bridge and up the Mawddach Trail that runs along the south side of the estuary. During the day there is a toll to cross the bridge, and although I rarely run during toll times, I've been putting my toll money into a tin. This will go towards my fundraising totals - along with a couple of quid each time I run which I would probably be otherwise paying in gym fees.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Finally dried out!

I did run on Friday, but it was raining so hard I rushed to set my Nike + and didn't set it up properly - so no stats. Luckily I didn't realise until I'd finished, but I ran down the prom and back in the pouring rain. Soaked to the skin, especially as I had only grabbed a pair of cotton gym pants as the rest of my lycra/dri fit stuff was hanging up drying after a wash.  Those pants were pretty heavy when wet!

I need to remember to wear a cap when it's raining because the hood on my rain jacket just don't stay up (or falls over my eyes so I can only see my feet and not where I'm going!!!)
I also need an arm strap or something for my ipod, as it's getting annoying either holding it or putting it in my pocket.

Saturday was a rest day, and went out for the day anyway. 

I should have run on Sunday but my running shoes were still damp and smelly from the soaking they got on Friday, so they were treated to a wash, and I was treated to another rest day!!! I missed a shot with washing them - our latest washing machine (we go through them at an alarming rate in this house) has a 'sports footwear' programme, but I forgot and just stuck them on a normal wash with a load of towels. Shoes and machine all survived anyway...

As for Monday, simply too much to do - bought another car on the way home from work so spent a large chunk of the evening on the phone getting the insurance sorted!

Back on it today though - it's these rest days, I can't handle them!!!

Stats for today:

Start time: 17:39
Route: Bridge, over the stile, Mawddach Crescent, footpath to Arthog, back down the trail
Training type: Jog
Weather: Clear and bright

Distance: 4.25 miles
Time: 46:24
Pace: 10'55" 
with: 'Now That's What I Call Running' 

Felt: pretty good

Best Bit(s): the view!!!

Worst bit: very muddy bit in the middle (clean running shoes didn't last long)!!

Today's supporters:  very quiet and peaceful (much as I love beeps and waves, I also relish the runs where   I barely see another human being for almost the whole run)

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Early start

Stats for today:

Start time: 07:06 (kids hair appt at 9 - what was I thinking???!!!)
Route: Bridge and trail to 2nd black bridge
Training type: Fartlek
Weather: 'Light rain' apparently - didn't seem particularly 'light'!!!

Distance: 4.06 miles
Time: 44:16
Pace: 10'53" 
with: 'Now That's What I Call Running' 

Felt: tough at first, but then got into it and it felt pretty good

Best Bit(s): a long hot bath at the end

Worst bit: light rain!!!

Today's supporters:  a couple of dog-walkers, lots of sheep, slugs and snails

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Bye bye bank holidays

Stats for today:

Start time: 08:15
Route: Prom, steep hill and back through town
Training type: Jog
Weather: Cool and cloudy

Distance: 3.40 miles
Time: 37:42
Pace: 11'04" 
with: 'Now That's What I Call Running' 

Felt: good

Best Bit(s): OWNING the steep hill (aka 'The hill can't handle me right now'!) Nailed the whole thing today (thanks to Mr Flo and Mr Guetta!)

Worst bit: dodging the seaspray at the end of the prom (hardly a worst bit, really!)

Today's supporters: Mel, Tracey, Mim, Bobby, Yvonne, Laura and lots of other locals on their way to work :-s

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Double post

I did run yesterday - I just never got around to updating my blog - so two runs to track today.

Stats for today:

Start time: 09:00
Route: Bridge (to first side path and back)
Training type: Fartlek
Weather: Cool with the odd spot of rain

Distance: 3.02 miles
Time: 33:00
Pace: 10'54" 
with: 'Now That's What I Call Running' 

Felt: good

Best Bit(s): passing 50 miles total, and running back to this...

Worst bit: Avicii playing during a 'slow' bit - turned into a fast run!!!

Today's supporters: the lovely old guy from down the lane (I'm not sure of his name but he always brings our bins in), two herons, sheep (of course) and a few geese (did I mention I love living here???) 

Yesterday's stats: 

Start time: 08:29
Route: Prom, steep hill, back down road into town
Training type: Jog
Weather: Clear, calm and cool

Distance: 3.51 miles
Time: 39:45
Pace: 11'18" 
with: 'Now That's What I Call Running' 

Felt: good

Best Bit(s): being out on such a lovely morning (don't think it's going to last), amazing views

Worst bit: N/A!!

Today's supporters: very few (one of the slight drawbacks of running at this time of day)

Sunday, 3 June 2012


It's been 10 days (at least) since my last blog, and therefore my last run.

I don't have any excuses. Except work (too much), weather (too warm), motivation (none) and of course, the real reason...too lazy!!!

Thanks to those of you who have asked - either 'How's the running going?' or 'What's happened to your blog?' (Bo, Nigel, Will, Tracey etc.)

Normal service has been resumed.

This morning I decided on a 30 mins run (note that says run, not jog) across the bridge. Well, I didn't decide to run rather than jog, that just kind of happened as I found my comfort zone. I felt like a had a free choice of what to do, as it's Sunday and my training schedule week starts on Mondays. I'll start week 2 over again tomorrow (for the third time lol) as I still haven't completed it yet!!

When I left the house, it was drizzling. Raincoat on, happy with that. By the way back across the bridge it was full-on pouring!!! I don't mind when I'm running though - going to the shop later with Harry was a lot worse!!!

Anyway, here's the important stuff:

Start time: 08:28
Route: Bridge
Training type: Run!!!
Weather: Wet and wild :-) 

Distance: 2.83 miles
Time: 32:01
Pace: 11'17" (seems slow but I walked back down the hill for the extra 2 mins but couldn't turn off because it was soooo wet!)
with: 'Now That's What I Call Running' (loving this - thanks Nicci!)

Felt: fab!

Best Bit(s): walking into the bathroom to find my bath already ready (thanks Ol!)

Worst bit: the overall pace reading (not a genuine reflection of how hard I worked)

Today's supporters: fellow runner

Catch you tomorrow - I promise!!!